The Source Of Power

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Source Of Power
File-Format PNG
Image Size 1000px X 432px
File Size 36KB
Release Date 10/8/2014 07:46:44 GMT
Color RGB
Alpha-Channel No
  • Each wave contains 14 areas inside of it.
  • Each wave has 14 anti-nodes(areas of greatest displacement).
  • The symbol in the center of the two waves is Delta.
  • Representation of the composition of a 432hz standing wave
  • Standing waves have the ability to suspend objects within their nodes(area of no displacement)
The Source of Power


The 432 Hz wave has gained relative popularity in recent years due to several unsupported or pseudoscientific ideas, which purport the frequency as "the God note," "the DNA repair state," "soliton resonance frequency," perhaps because it "vibrates on the principals of the golden mean." (It doesn't.) Regardless of the fallacious status of the claims regarding the causes or effects of the 432 frequency, the creator of the site could be pointing toward a connection with his mystery through this image.

The delta in the middle could be referring to a delta wave

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