Where We Are

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Where We Are
File-Format PNG
Image Size 1000px X 268px
File Size 26KB
Release Date 10/8/2014 04:02:10 GMT
Color RGB
Alpha-Channel No

The shapes contain the following number of inner circles:

  • 1: 1
  • 2: 2
  • 3: 2
  • 4: 2
  • 5: 4
  • 6: 8
  • 7: 16 (highlighted)
  • 8: 16 hollow circles and 67 interior white circles
Where We Are


Possibly represents cellular division. The highlighted stage could be the zygote.

Protamines and spermatogenesis in Drosophila and Homo sapiens[1]

Cellular Division from fetus to zygote

While the image does possibly resemble mitosis, there are several key differences. For instance, instead of dividing between steps 4 and 5, it appears to merely expand. Multiple nuclei in one cell is extremely abnormal, even in cancerous cells. Although there is a superficial resemblance to cellular division, that particular connection appears unlikely.

Links and References

  1. https://www.scienceopen.com/document/vid/2fa4ada9-e5f1-4821-a6e8-cdb48577ac47;jsessionid=cvPgnQsYR2mxwMYSKMyjd2oV.master:so-app1-prd?0 Spermatogenesis
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