The True History

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The True History
File-Format JPEG
Image Size 1000px X 432px
File Size 111KB
Release Date 10/9/2014 09:23:03 GMT
Color RGB
Alpha-Channel No
  • 9 blocks of color on the bottom
  • 2 graph peaks
  • 14 larger wavelengths, 14 condensed, 28 total
  • 20 Ovals
  • 10 Raindrop shapes
  • 4 circles
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the catastrophe.jpg
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The True History


After much discussion through the IRC between a few members, a few theories were created surrounding this photo. The sine wave correlates to an earlier image uploaded on the onion but slightly changed as it runs from a deeper pitch to a higher pitch in this diagram. Some observations were found through the discussion:

  • The first graph follows a linear growth path (roughly), the second indicates exponential growth
  • The sudden drop or 'cliff' at the end of the first could be described as a catastrophe
  • The ovals turning into rain drops could symbolise man acquiring a higher power
  • The 6 dark lines representing 6 nights and 7 days or 13 periods
  • Such a high exponential second graph can represent the vast acceleration of human population growth
  • The tiny white block at the end of the second graph meaning the last 2000 years of human life
  • The whole length of the graphic being roughly 250,000 years, about the time of modern man ?
  • 9 segments of white and purple below the graphs and 9 segments above the graph. Low and high pitch of the sine wave, split into life, each oval, tear shape and circle stages
  • 12,500 years ago today is where the cliff is, the catastrophe of something.
  • The cliff/catastrophe could represent the event that caused a genetic bottleneck[1], which would explain why after the cliff, we end with only four circles (a smaller gene pool, circles representing the current genetic make up of humans)

Viewed as a Timeline

If it's assumed that the catastrophe is the marker we can follow, then we can surmise that each horizontal pixel represents 250 years of time. The entire graphic is 1000px wide, so 250,000 years of time is being plotted.
(going from left to right)

  1. First Block(purple) - 28,250 years (113px)
  2. Second Block(white) - 35,500 years (142px)
  3. Third Block(purple) - 42,500 years (170px)
  4. Fourth Block(white) - 28,250 years (113px)
  5. Fifth Block(purple) - 35,500 years (142px)
  6. Sixth Block(white) - 28,250 years (113px)
  7. Seventh Block(purple) - 20,500 years (82px)
  8. Eighth Block(white) - 18,250 years (73px)
  9. Black Block - 500 years (2px)
  10. Ninth Block(purple) - 12,500 years (50px)
  11. The out of place white block becomes 2000 years, the common era. This block overlaps the ninth block (8px)

Sumerian Connection

If the above numbers are correct, then this is plotting the Sumerian King List[2]

The King List has 8 rulers before the flood (catastrophe). And the lengths of their reign are extremely close to the year ranges listed on the graphic itself.

Listed below are the 8 antediluvian rulers, and the length of their reign.

  1. Alulim - 28,800 years
  2. Alalngar - 36,000 years
  3. En-men-lu-ana - 43,200 years
  4. En-men-gal-ana - 28,800 years
  5. Dumuzid - 36,000 years
  6. En-sipad-zid-ana - 28,800 years
  7. En-men-dur-ana - 21,000 years
  8. Ubara-Tutu - 18,600 years

This leads forth the possibility that the Seventh block represents when Enoch (En-men-dur-ana, in sumerian) had ruled, ascended to 'heaven', and came back as the Archangel Metatron, giving birth to Metatron's cube (seen elsewhere in this mystery site) and kickstarted both the catastrophe and the final evolution of humanity.

Possibility of .wav Conversion Messages

Upon converting this image to .wav format the following .wav was discovered. Still in speculation as to it's importance, though there were other images that produced a very similar result.

Links and References

  1. genetic bottleneck Population Bottleneck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. Sumerian King List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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