The Repressed Aliment For The Immortal

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The Repressed Aliment For The Immortal
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The Repressed Aliment For The Immortal


The title of this image literally means "The (hidden | secret | kept under control) sustenance for (those who live forever)". This suggests that the image conceals the secret to eternal life; the Philosopher's Stone of old. The inclusion of a gold atom in the design strengthens the Stone connection, since it was supposed to enable transmutation of the elements.



The Middle section of the picture shows hieroglyphs of the Goddess Bastet, Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and love. Bastet is also known as the Eye of Ra, and is considered both a sun and moon goddess.

The Eye

The large spherical depiction on the left hand side of the image appears to be a human eye. The yellow lines coming into the iris do not focus correctly on the retina, meaning this eye has astigmatism. More importantly, this means the light coming into the eye would be out of focus. We think this means that the "truth" we "see" is out of focus, or that we do not see it quite clearly.


On the top right, there are three structures of circles with rings encircling them. On each ring a certain number of white spheres. These spheres are electrons. The top structure has 79 electrons, making it a Gold atom (Au). As can be seen in the image below, each of the six valence shells has the correct number of electrons. The one below this is Nitrogen (N) and below that is Hydrogen (H).

gold-atom.jpg nitrogen-shell.svg hydrogen-shell.svg


It's possible that the magenta structures of three circles surrounding the cube represent a molecule of Ammonia (or rather, 8 of them).


As seen above, we have the structures of Nitrogen and Hydrogen, which form Ammonia with one part Nitrogen and three parts Hydrogen (NH3).

The arrangement of 8 Ammonia molecules around a cube could suggest that the molecules should be arranged or bonded in a cubical pattern. An alternate hypothesis for the meaning of the cube can be found in the next section.

Monatomic Gold

In another interpretation, the Ammonia molecules surrounding a gold-colored block could signal the extraction of gold with ammonia, an already-established procedure[1]. Reading from left to right, the image shows a gold block, and then one gold atom (as depicted and discussed earlier). This could represent monatomic gold, a sort of superrefined state of gold where the metal exists as sole unbonded atoms.

In recent years, New Age websites have purported vast health benefits associated with ingesting this form of gold - ingesting, as shown in the picture, where atoms are absorbed by the person icon. Given the several-fold connection to the Philosopher's Stone, this diagram appears to confirm that ingesting monatomic gold has not only health benefits, but is the key to immortality.

Note the person in the picture appears to be Type B person, as defined by "The Progenitor of Our Division".

Links and References

  1. Using ammonia and ammonium salts for extraction followed by oxidation and heating
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