The Panacea for our Division

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The Panacea for our Divison
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Image Size 1000px X 432px
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Release Date 10/12/2014 08:48:29 GMT
Color RGB
Alpha-Channel No
  • 7 Waves, each wave has a different frequency and amplitude
  • Scale set to 10000, correlates to 500px, making 1px = 20
  • 7 Circles in left group, 2 filled, 5 unfilled.
  • Shapes in center grouping go 5, then 7, then 8 triangles
  • 7 Circles in left group with dark line connecting or behind them
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The Panacea for our Division



When applying the scale on the bottom, 1px = 20 (unit unknown), this allows us to measure the wavelengths. These measurements correspond to colors in the visible spectrum. There may be a +- 20 due to a difficulty in measuring.

Top to bottom

  1. 400 - Violet
  2. 460 - Indigo
  3. 480 - Blue
  4. 540 - Green
  5. 580 - Yellow
  6. 620 - Orange
  7. 700 - Red

Wavelengths of the colors of the visible spectrum in nano meters

Seven Vertical Circles

The seven circles may correspond to the seven chakras, which are color coded in the order of lowest to highest frequency on the visible light spectrum.

5-7-8 Triangle Formations


As shown in The Justified Ostracism, the five triangle formation is associated with the circle headed figures, and the full eight triangle formation being associated with the tear drop headed figures. The seven triangle figure could represent the panacea for the division of these two.

The five triangles could represent the five senses, indicating people that are only aware of the physical world around them. The eight triangle formation could represent the Eight Consciousnesses[1] of buddhism.

Possibility of .wav Conversion Messages

Upon converting this image to .wav format the following .wav was discovered. Still in speculation as to it's importance, though there were other images that produced a very similar result.

Links and References

  1. - Eight consciousnesses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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