The Medial Recalibration

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The Medial Recalibration
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The Medial Recalibration


  • Globe image shows dotted lines intersecting at equator (0° latitude) and the prime meridian (0° longitude), with solid lines intersecting at Giza (29°58′45.03″N 31°08′03.69″E).
  • To the right of the globe, there appears a depiction of the three pyramids of the Giza necropolis with possibly a simple compass laid over top of the Khufu pyramid

Overhead illustration of the Giza complex

  • There are fourteen sets of grid formations, each of which have a highlighted quadrant. These could indicate a polar direction (Nine show SW, three show SE, one shows NE and one shows NW)
  • The globe seems to show the (now sunken) landmass of europe, africa and the middle east how it was depicted before "The Catastrophe" or in other words the Great Flood happened.

Coordinate Theory

  • Coordinates may be calculated based on the number of squares in each grid. Take the below set for example.

Medial Recalibration coordinate example

  • The quadrant indicates SW
  • There are four sets of grids, with two groups on each side of the solid circle
  • The first group has a set of six squares, followed by a diagonal set of five. Multiply and you get 30. This is the first coordinate.
  • Doing the same for the second group, you have ten squares following by a diagonal of seventeen. Multiplying gets you 170, the second coordinate.
  • Since the quadrant is SW, the first coordinate is south and the second is west. This results in a coordinate of -30, -170.
  • The coordinates can be adjusted based the idea that the globe image shows the prime meridian/equator intersection being "recalibrated" to the location of Giza, or more specifically to the great pyramid. It is roughly at 30,31. Therefore, you will move the coordinates 30 degrees north, and 31 degrees east. The (-30,-170) coordinate now becomes (0, -139)

Below are two maps. In both maps the red triangle represents the Khufu pyramid. On the left map, the gray circles are the 14 coordinates with (0,0) being where the equator and prime meridian meet as we know it in the Gulf of Guinea.

The map on the right shows the 14 coordinates adjusted for the "recalibration" to Giza.

Below those two maps is The Marcahuasi Project, a map of archaeological sites, temples, mysterious places and megalithic structures created for the purpose of "Mapping our ancient past, one marker at a time."[1]

Coords before adjustment
Coords adjusted for Giza
Marcahuasi Project's Archeomaps

Extension of the Coordinate Theory

  • The coordinates, in some cases, line up nearly exactly with some significant archeological sites
  • The prime recalibration point is the pyramids at Giza
  • Following is a list of proposed significant sites that line up with or are very near the other points.

1. (currently undecided, but near points of strange oceanic sound recordings)

2. Bimini Road

3. Lord Krishna's Lost City of Dwarka

4. Phantom Isle: Saint Brendan's Island

5. (undecided)

6. Nasca Lines/Cahuachi pyramids

7. Center of numerous Native American sites in Illinois

8. Chichen Itza/Mayan Pyramids

9. Chinese Dynasty Pyramids/Terracotta Army

10. Angkor Wat

11. The Lost City of Yonaguni

12. (undecided)

13. Easter Island

14. Directly between the ruins of Khami and Great Zimbabwe

Links and References

  1. (Marcahuasi Project)
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