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This is an overview of the interwiki table.

PrefixInterwiki prefix to be used in [[prefix:pagename]] wikitext syntax.
URLTemplate for URLs. The placeholder $1 will be replaced by the pagename of the wikitext, when the abovementioned wikitext syntax is used.
ForwardAn HTTP request to the local wiki with this interwiki prefix in the URL is:
nonot honored, a "Bad title" error page will be displayed instead.
yesredirected to the target URL given in the interwiki link definitions (i.e. treated like links to local pages).
TranscludeIf wikitext syntax {{prefix:pagename}} is used, then:
nodo not allow it, rather look for a page in the template namespace.
yesallow transclusion from the foreign wiki, if interwiki transclusions are generally permitted in this wiki.

Error: The interwiki table is empty, or something else went wrong.