The Progenitor of Our Division

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The Progenitor of Our Division
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  • Shows a circular plane with 7 rings split into 4 quadrants encircled by a sphere
  • Next to this is a circle divided into 4 quadrants, each quadrant labeled a, b, c, d
  • Along the bottom line extending from the sphere, there is a large white circle, with a connected line extending 8 small unfilled circles
  • The third circle in line has a dotted outline
  • Along the right side, extending from the top line from the sphere, we see a through d again
  • Lines A and C are identical in frequency and amplitude, but one is solid, the other dotted
  • Lines B and D are identical in frequency and amplitude, but one is solid, the other dotted
  • Aligning with each line are a series of human-like stick figures:
  1. The first is wholly filled
  2. The second is filled along the bottom and empty on top
  3. The third is filled on top and empty on the bottom
  4. The fourth is completely empty
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The Progenitor of Our Division


  • The prevailing theory is that the progenitor of our division and the panacea of our division are strongly linked
  • The circular plane/sphere seems to represent the sun
  • The 7 rings, along with the 4 divisions seem to represent the sun's 28 day rotation cycle
  • The circles along the bottom seem to represent the solar system, with the dotted one (the 3rd) representing Earth
  • The 4 pie pieces coincide with the 4 frequency lines and stick figures
  • "Progenitor" means "origin" or "cause"

Theory 1

Based on the sun's 28 day cycle[1], humans are exposed to differing levels of radiation, and depending on which one they are exposed to the most (given that the earth also turns on a 24 hour cycle, thus exposing different humans to different levels and types of radiation) the sun, or lack of exposure to it can cause our divisions. In a more general (and probably more accurate) sense, light, or lack of light causes our divisions. In this way, there are those who are in the light, those who are in the dark, and those who are between the two.

Theory 2

Along similar lines to theory 1, there are 4 different nitrogen bases in our Human DNA[2]. These are also split into two groups (pyramidines and purines) just as the four wavelengths are split into two groups. The way these 4 bases are put together create a division between us. Like theory 1, differences in levels of radiation cause different mutations and differences in the 4 nitrogen bases of our DNA. The image could also be signifying what caused life forming DNA to "divide" from the solar system, the sphere on the left being the progenitor.

Along with the above, the DNA connection could be made to the incongruity, considering it was posted right before this image. If so, the progenitor could literally have something to do with the development of homo sapiens and the process that caused homo to "divide" from pan evolutionary.

Religious connection

This was not immediately apparent until we also analyzed "the panacea of our division"

  • "panacea" means "solution" or cure
  • That lesson focuses on what seems to be light frequencies, and what could also seem to be levels of chakras, or enlightenment meaning that possibly the "progenitor" of our division is the lack of light, and the "panacea" of our division is full chakra, or full enlightenment

Possibility of .wav Conversion Messages

Upon converting this image to .wav format the following .wav was discovered. Still in speculation as to it's importance, though there were other images that produced a very similar result.

Links and References

  1. 28 day cycle Solar cycle (calendar) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. - Introduction to DNA Structure
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