The Incongruity

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The Incongruity
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  • The top bar group contains 24 bars (or 48, each have 2 sections), 22 of which are filled in and 2 are empty
  • The bottom bar group contains 25 bars (or 50, each have 2 sections), 23 of which are filled in and 2 are empty
  • The oval, raindrop, and circle series is also in The True History[[1]]
  • The top grid group shows two grids, the left is 10x15 (150) and the right is 10x10 (100)
  • The bottom grid group shows two grids, the left is 10x10 (100) and the right is 7x7 (49)
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The Incongruity


Matching karyotype chart

Karyotype chart of humans and chimpanzees

Genetic Change

As with The True History, the circles would represent the current genetic make up of humans. The teardrops possibly representing a past genetic makeup[1]of current humans.

The grids on the right side of the image could represent DNA transformations on a grid. This PDF file[2] contains an analysis and prediction of this.

DNA Transformation on a grid

Links and References

  1. past genetic make up of current humans.
  2. Analysis and Predictions of DNA Sequence Transformation on Grids
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