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Welcome to the 432 Mystery Wiki page!
Up to date screenshot of the entire website

Edit: 11.08.2015
If you have any thoughts or like to contribute to the more or less inactive wiki please contact me for editing rights or visit our reddit page

- Gravey

Edit: 28.12.2017
It appears the onion site is no longer accessible. Not sure how long it has been down, but we are not likely to see any more images unless the creator makes their project available again.

- UE

Edit: 3.10.2018
Thanks to multiple people still posting on the subreddit, it has been brought to light that the onion site is now available again under a new address (http://55uiisia4xo5tyua.onion/). There doesn't appear to be any new images yet and this onion link may not even be from the original creator. Will have to wait and see.

- UE

This page is all about the 432 Mystery that first publicly appeared on 4chan by a User who received a strange e-mail.
The site started as a very simple, cryptic seeming .onion.
As people began investigating and things progressed, contents were decoded, and when speculation was made the site was modified. Often times in direct correlation to the thread and IRC Channel which hinted to the idea that the Creator might have been observing. It currently seems to update semi-randomly with new images to decipher.
Check out The Beginning page for information about how the site began, updates to the site since then, and the wav files.
All images and changes to the onion site are cataloged on this wiki, however you can use the following links to visit the site itself:
* http://55uiisia4xo5tyua.onion // For TOR Browsers (Recommended method. Download TOR here)
* // For those who don't have TOR (WARNING: Tor2web only protects publishers, not readers.)

Help Solving this!

We are always looking for fresh ideas to figure this out. Come have some fun theorizing with us!

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If you want to participate without joining the IRC, feel free to post there for discussion. Any tips for the images or suggestions for the wiki can be posted there as well. Future updates to the onion site will be posted on that board.

Contribute to the wiki

For now, wiki editing is restricted to Administrators only. If you would like to contribute content, register an account with the wiki and request Admin status on Reddit.

Alternate Wikis

Another wiki was created for these images. It appears to also be inactive but you may find some different theories posted there than what has been posted on this wiki.

Reference/Supplemental Images

These images were the prerequisites to the first lesson

The Cycle | Where We Are | The Source Of Power | CTM1764
The Lessons
Lesson One
The First Lesson | The Catastrophe | The True History | The Incongruity | The Progenitor of Our Division | The Panacea for our Division | The Medial Recalibration | The Abducted Preceptor | The Justified Ostracism
Lesson Two
The Second Lesson | The Repressed Aliment For The Immortal